Australia’s dairy industry is set to boom as the global demand for dairy is on the rise. In Warrnambool the 500 million-plus takeover of Warrnambool Cheese & Butter by Canadian’s Saputo is turning heads in the media. In China alone, demand for dairy products is set to double by 2020 (Urban 2015). But what are the implications for the construction industry?

For companies like MKM Constructions, this comes at an exciting time. We saw in last week’s blog, it’s primetime to build in Victoria with record low interest rates, improved labour availability and falling wages, meaning little cost escalation. It’s no surprise, whispers of expansion are in the wind. Within a few months, Colac-based Bulla Dairy Foods has sparked speculation that it intends to start sourcing its own milk directly from farmers, while Warrnambool meat processor Midfield Group has unveiled an ambitious plan to build its own milk powder plant. So it’s time MKM Constructions opened our own dairy sheds, right?

It’s no surprise, whispers of expansion are in the wind.

Not quite, although sheds are somewhat of a specialty for us. We have managed many rural and industrial projects from start to finish comprising of industrial warehouses, sale yards, rural buildings and sheds and this expansion is only going to open up more doors for us to grow. 

We most recently completed the Colac Saleyards. This facility will provide farmers with better selling conditions, as the area is large and utilitarian, perfect for an expanding industry. Have a look at a gallery of the completed sale yards below.

We’re also well on our way to completing the Hamilton Saleyards and are determined to build a reputation of being a highly competitive business in the rural and commercial construction environment.

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